proiect b
- Dorin Cucicov

Who Are You? is an AI powered conversation regarding the future.
Can we find answers about the future in old texts? Is talking about the future mainly a question of a convincing attitude in performance and rhetoric that can be mimicked, or can we really foresee what is to come?
Who Are You? tends to be a modern version of the Delphi Oracle or an AI powered divination instrument.
Started initially by Alexandru Berceanu and Grigore Burloiu for the Who Am I? performance produced by H3 as a text generator for the performance, the work developed through an iterative process. The present version benefits from a face processing of the users which ask questions morphed in a meta-face through an AI powered algorithm implemented by Dorin Cucicov.
The conversational bot was trained on several science fiction novels and books, as well as other writings about the future: Joanna Russ - The Female Man, Philp K Dick Exegesis, Nostradamus Prophecies, Isis Unveiled by Helena P. Blavatsky, Copernicus Complex: Scharf, Caleb or Friar Evagrius Writings.