proiect b
- Dorin Cucicov

Manifesto - a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer.

This is a participatory performance. You will be creating a collective manifesto. Think of what a modern manifesto should be like and share your thoughts in the chat.

As a seed for creating the statements that will enter the final document we selected texts from historical manifestos. These texts were chosen by an assisted computer algorithm which selected the most used words in each of the manifestos. You are asked to use these as a starting point in constructing the new manifesto - a manifesto not of an individual, but of a collective: human and machine.

A statement that enters the collective manifesto is composed of two statements of two different participants. These two statements have to match in a way - you will have to discover this on your own. All statements will be censored until a match occurs. Only after matching, these will be revealed and permanently recorded in the document of the performance.

Please contribute your ideas for the collective manifesto in the chat.

Dorin Cucicov, Lori Hepner, Grigoriy Sergeev "MANIFESTO" (USA, RO, RUS)