proiect b
- Dorin Cucicov

The aim of the project is how therapeutic conversation of chatbot could effect our attitude and view of the virtual agents. Hi! How can AI help you? is an exploration of some of the most popular mental health chatbots to demonstrate their current abilities through an interactive game. The flow of the case is based on most psychological problems in daily life (depression/grief, stress, anxiety). We also check basic interventions on these cases such as mirroring, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. The game can be played in the browser using a webcam. It takes the form of an interactive fiction in which the story is a curated set of discussions with different chatbots. The navigation through the dialogues can be done either with a mouse or with facial expressions which select different options for advancing the game.

Developed during ETHICAI=LABS by Busra Sarigul, Dorin Cucicov, Tsvetomila Mihaylova.

The game can be played online here: