proiect b
- Dorin Cucicov

Current project is the result of a five day on site workshop as part of the NOVA festival in Bucharest. Groups of one performer, one musician and one programmer teamed up to sketch a performance enhanced by sensors and enriched by digital feedback.

The performance was based on the concept of involving the audience as part of the scenery where the performer has a limited intervention on the collected images. Through attached sensors and camera, the performer is able to modulate the sounds and the images and display them back as part of the story.

Performer: Daniel Alexandru Dragomir
Sound: Radu Cosmin Dumitru
Visuals: Dorin Cucicov

The rate of the snapshots is directly linked to the performers’ heartbeat. The calmer the performer, the more controllable his images, but at the cost of the frame rate. The more agitated the performer, the more uncontrollable his reality but the bigger it’s resolution.

In the end, the performer decides which black and white motifs to use for the final persistent image that stacks indefinitely to stop only when reaching total darkness.