proiect b
- Dorin Cucicov

Lightpong is an interactive outdoor installation based on the famous 1970's computer game ‘PONG’. The main focus is to transform the mechanics of the old game into a new interactive and collaborative experience. The game can be played by two players. Each player controls his paddle with a source of light; anything can be used, lighters, smartphone flashlights or led keychains.

One control panel with two sides for each player, equipped with light sensors that can measure the scale and intensity of the lumen/light, directing the movement of the paddles. The projected paddle will follow the speed of the light and its direction. First player to get to 5 points wins the game, after which it is restarted.

Elements form the projected area(decorative objects, windows, relief designs) are mapped within the game. Collision with the mapped elements is simulated such that the pong ball collides with them and interacts as though they were digital objects within the game.

Team: Octavian Albu, Dorin Cucicov, Bogdan Ceangu, Jonas Helbig, Luca Hupfer, David Kerrom, BAJEOT Thomas