proiect b
- Dorin Cucicov

NOVA Festival 2022

Created as a connecting experience, this year's exhibition literally and figuratively embraces you and creates a context where you discover different dimensions of intimacy. You can explore them in a profound or light way, depending on how open you are to the experience.

We propose an immersive path, constantly moving and transforming, that responds to your presence in surprising ways.

We start from 11 individual works and create connections between them so that the experience of the exhibition takes you on a journey of becoming, from one work to another, from you to them and vice versa, each element influencing the whole.

We can't wait to see how you set this living space into motion!

The experience of the exhibition is built within a creative lab held in the months leading up to the festival. This year, 22 artists from 13 countries are involved in this process. They benefit from the support of several specialists in psychology, neuroscience and anthropology.


White imprint

We leave traces. On our bodies and on the others. In the city and on the planet. Whether we want to or not.
The signs we generate can be decoded or remain incomprehensible. We act upon their interpretation.
Once marked out and deciphered, the sign generates volume and space around it. We are captivated by the endless birth of our own traces. Experience and interaction leave scars on us, becoming part of our biological imprint. The signs we produce in the biological cycle of the planet raise a question mark over the future existence of man on a planet whose stones have been marked for more than 2.5 million years.
The architecture of traces thrown out by humans is multi-layered and underlies human-to-human connection and change of information. The signs we produce are so incredibly rich in their diversity: there may be verbal, visual, physical, written, or even chemical traces that we leave behind us, and they all add up to the essential material of the communication media where each of us is immersed in the complex dynamics, generated by the interaction between our own codes and the language of the others.
White Imprint directly addresses the need for each of us to understand, decode and transmit meaning through signs to others, in an age when we realize that the traces we leave on the planet can be overwhelming for human life. Social media gives everyone the opportunity to send out signals and mark the digital environment instantaneously, generating a giant digital carbon footprint. Who and how decides which memories (tokens) are worth keeping? For how long?
Alexandru Berceanu, in collaboration with Constantin Basica, Grigore Burloiu, Sebastian Comanescu, Dorin Cucicov, Denis Flueraru, and Andrei Mitișor, presents the White Imprint series of works. The exhibition is the result of a process of co-creation and mutual influence, which in some cases lasted for more than 10 years. The works had been produced using both new technology-based media (from magnetic tape to conversational robots based on Artificial Intelligence, from algorithmic composition to bio-art), as well as classical media. Each of the artists explores a certain medium of expression, focusing on the process of tracing the signs in that specific medium.
Imprinting is the process by which experience is encoded into biology. Each organism's life experience impacts the epigenetic and implicitly the genetic level, shaping the DNA message for future generations. White Imprint proposes an affective image of the sign, caught in the interaction among the viewers, artists, and artworks.
Will the future bring the sign of a human-generated AI or of a life form with enough resilience to leave intergalactic signs?
White Imprint invites you to leave your own marks in the spaces that are still white to you.


Atelier interdisciplinar de artă. Zilele Aradului/Hacklab Kimaera

Atelierul de artă interdisciplinară organizat de Asociația Doar Mâine în cadrul Zilelor Aradului cuprinde o serie de activități de educație media. Activitățile sunt coordonate de tineri și entuziaști voluntari elevi din Arad și studenți de la UNARTE București.
Atelierulde artă interdisciplinară este organizat ca și activitate corelată cu „Hacklab Kimaera” tabără colaborativă cu activități DIY, care face parte din proiectul „Post educația. Pedagogii ale crizei”, componentă a programului Knowledge Fields TM2023, parteneri culturali Indecis, Minitremu, Kinema Ikon și Asociația Doar Mâine.
Proiectul face parte din Programul Cultural „Timișoara 2023 – Capitală Europeană a Culturii” și este finanțat de Municipiul Timișoara prin Centrul de Proiecte.


Fusion:AIR - 'Unexpected (RE)solutions - How the process drives the outcome'

Process is often the invisible hero behind creating or inventing the world we live in. Process – seen as a sequence of steps aiming at discovering the unknown or solving problems with no apparent solution, is a language of communication in itself. In Fusion AIR artistic residency, we explored this language in the context of both art and science, seemingly divergent fields with different apparatuses for decoding the world, calling for different ways of understanding and explaining what surrounds us. Their investigative processes intersect and sometimes even overlap, resulting in complementary ways of knowing.

Mytherrella is an infinite iteration through a process of imagination built on scientific data and driven by the mythology of the aurora borealis. It dreams of new auroral formations starting from a dataset of all-sky images depicting auroral activity from the Kiruna Atmospheric and Geophysical Observatory at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics. Mytherrella uses human interaction in an effort to give up control over its hallucinations. Both human and computer are in search of the lost auroras as seen by the first people that described them. Ten mythological lores and oddities are woven together with soundscapes and computer-generated images, attempting to recreate the original narrative, but only a faint trace of the prior magic can be unearthed.



The joint project invites you to a multidisciplinary dialogue. Central topics in the field of linguistics are language acquisition, language processing and translation as well as linguistic communication between humans and AI. From the topic of bias, aspects such as cognitive processing, human error, discrimination and data protection are discussed, as well as AI that eliminates or reinforces human prejudices. Creativity through algorithms as well as copyright and censorship are the focus for the area of ​​creativity. And the topic of media deals with aspects such as the use of private data for political polarization, propaganda and advertising as well as the future of deepfakes and similar media manipulation.

The aim of EthicAI is to open up a cross-genre space for critical discussions in Southeastern Europe.

EthicAI is a project of the Goethe Institutes in Athens, Bucharest, Ankara, Sarajevo, Sofia and Zagreb.

The final project can be found here



A noua ediție a celui mai amplu festival de design din România, Romanian Design Week, își deschide porțile în perioada 4-13 iunie 2021, la București. Combinatul Fondului Plastic, un spațiu cu o istorie specială, va fi gazda centrală a #RDW2021 pentru al doilea an consecutiv și va reuni câteva dintre expozițiile festivalului.

Sub tema #TOGETHER, festivalul #RDW2021 va reuni în programul său online și offline organizații, designeri, inițiative, evenimente care împreună propun un focus pe importanța, succesul și contribuția pe care industriile creative le au în societate.


Festival Of Spooky Action At A Distance e⁻lektron

In the second Festival Of Spooky Action At A Distance e⁻lektron will continue the explorations on the field of transdisciplinary performing arts.

The artists and scientists participating in the festival will look into how the virtual and physical space affects each other both directly and indirectly. We invite artists to present their thoughts and works in the context of the phenomena of the spooky action at a distance which was first described and named by Albert Einstein.

Our hope is that whoever you are and wherever you are you’ll think about it and say "Indeed, I do have few notions about this particularly confusing thought".

Festival Of Spooky Action At A Distance 2021 will present works of Hiroaki Umeda, Rimini Protokoll, Kannabinõid, Rourou Ye, Inga Salurand, Liis Vares, Bohdana Korohod, Hendrik Kaljujärv, Maria Paiste, 5 Horses, Artjom Astrov, +aave+, Samuli Tanner, ASUNA, Zahir, Ringhold, Allison Costa, Feli Navarro, Umlilo Siya Ngcobo, Anu Realo, Andi Hektor, Ott Karulin, Märten Rattasepp, Andrus Laansalu, Andrus Aaslaid, Mary Notari, Dorin Cucicov, Lori Hepner, Grigoriy Sergeev and more.

Festival team: Bohdana Korohod, Maike Lond, Kaie Olmre, Hendrik Kaljujärv, Kristjan Jansen, Andrus Laansalu, Mikk-Mait Kivi, Siimar Kivisild, Taavet Jansen, Jaan Evart, Andrus Aaslaid, Eneli Järs, Riina Maidre, Magnus Andre & Mihail Makoshkin

eˉlektron is a transdisciplinary performing arts platform born out of a dream dreamt by Kanuti Gildi SAAL and MIMproject. We are supported by Estonian Ministry of Culture.

Many thanks to Babahh Media OÜ, Digital Sputnik,, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Poké Bowl Kosmos, Kristina Norman, René Lasseron (Fienta), Rakvere Teater and Peeter Rästas



Festivalul, organizat de Centrul cultural german şi Institutul francez din Cluj, aduce împreună artişti multimedia, DJ, producători de jocuri video şi pasionaţi de tehnologie din Franţa, Germania, SUA şi România.

Pictura cu lumină sau sculptura laser sunt câteva dintre noutăţile acestei ediţii, care oferă o reinterpretare digitalizată a tehnicilor artistice clasice. Veţi regăsi şi artă contemporană care prinde viaţă cu ajutorul unei aplicaţii de realitate augmentată sau experienţe imersive de realitate virtuală. Concertele, atelierele, conferinţele şi game jam-ul sunt tot atâtea ocazii de a descoperi oameni talentaţi şi proiecte inovatoare, care folosesc tehnologia pentru a deschide noi orizonturi artistice.



Pentru prima dată în istoria Terrei activitatea umană este influența dominantă asupra ecosistemelor planetare și a mediului. Antropocen este denumirea propusă pentru aceasta perioadă în care viața pe planetă depinde de acțiunile noastre.
BIOS este o expoziție itinerantă care propune 11 lucrări de artă digitală și interactivă care explorează relația dintre umanitate, tehnologie și planetă și implicațiile care reies din rolul central jucat de om în dinamica mediului înconjurător.
Numele face trimitere la viață (gr. βίος) și la basic input/output system, care stă la baza comunicării între sistemul de operare și componentele computerelor.
Instalațiile au fost realizate într-un proces colaborativ de cercetare și creație al 11 artiști: Alina Rizescu, Dorin Cucicov, Maria Năstase, Adrian Tăbăcaru, Octavian Albu, Emil Drăgan, Dan Adrian Ionescu, Răzvan Pascu, Sebastian Comănescu, Matei Băcanu, Bogdan Ștefănescu. În ultimii ani, lucrările lor au fost expuse în țară și în străinătate, la Fête des Lumières (Lyon), Ars Electronica (Linz), Mirage Festival (Lyon), Amural Festival, Noaptea Albă a Galeriilor, Noaptea Muzeelor sau Muzeul Național de Artă Contemporană.
Misiunea grupului de artiști este să creeze un canal empatic și informațional între public și problemele ridicate de Antropocen prin intermediul interacțiunii cu arta digitală.


The wrong biennale

Expoziția își propune să realizeze conexiuni între diferitele sfere ale scenei de artă și să aducă împreună artiști și profesioniști într-un demers de radiografiere a problemelor și provocărilor diferitelor lumi ale artei, în contextul accesibilizării oferite de noile tehnologii, dar și a limitărilor produse de acestea.



BINAR showcases new media projects presented previously at some of the biggest international events and festivals such as Sundance Film Festival, Ars Electronica, Athens Digital Arts Festival etc., and also exhibited in renown cultural spaces such as Centre Pompidou in Paris.
More than 50 interactive installations, algorithmic art, virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D projections and video-mapping reunited in a single exhibition concept powered by The Institute in collaboration with Dilmana Yordanova (KOTKI visuals).
BINAR aims to index and promote the new media scene in Romania – artists, designers and promoters of digital arts – while showcasing local projects through an annual event open to the public.



Peste 8500 de vizitatori s-au bucurat pentru 3 zile de creațiile artiștilor și dezvoltatorilor români de realitate augmentată, realitate virtuală, videomapping, inteligență artificială, instalații interactive, animație, game art și sound design.



On the occasion of the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the great unity of Romania, the team of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Berlin created various light art projections on four historic buildings in Bucharest. The motifs featured personalities and events closely linked to the history of Romania. Three nights from November 30th to December 2nd, 2018, around the Romanian National Day on December 1, these four important buildings of the capital shone along the Calea Victoriei: the Athenaeum, the University Library, the CEC Palace and the Palace of Justice.


Amural V

Now, that you've grown enough on the outside, you can grow on the inside. You can climb, you can jump and you can even fly. The Elevator is you.
Amural V – Elevate your mind. Elevate your soul.


Ars Electronica 2019: Out of the box and into the future

Ars Electronica is one of the world’s largest media art venues, a digital music festival, a showcase for creativity and innovation, and a playground for the next generation — Ars Electronica is a world-class festival for art, technology and society.


Mirage Festival 7th edition

The Mirage Festival offers through an ambitious and multidisciplinary program, a panorama of digital cultures. To reflect the richness of this contemporary creation fueled by technology, the festival offers a unique format articulated around an exhibition route and evenings of performances and concerts. A major meeting on the scale of the Metropolis of Lyon, the festival offers, in connection with this programme, times for discussion and reflection on the occasion of the Mirage Creative+. An integral and inseparable part of the festival, the Mirage Creative+ is a space intended for networking, the transmission of knowledge as well as joint reflection on the issues related to digital cultures.



From the traditional tea light that every Lyonnais places on their windowsills, to the many visual and interactive shows that illuminate the city, the Festival of Lights is an unmissable moment for anyone who wants to discover Lyon.

Lyon, a center of light creation, welcomes light designers every year for new installations which are then exported all over the world!
Immerse yourself in this great free party open to all!


Organic Proxy MNAC

Noul sezon MNAC se inaugurează vineri, 19 aprilie, cu expoziția de instalații interactive Organic Proxy – o colecție de filtre digitale prin care se observă și se interpretează mediul înconjurător real. Prin proxy experiența directă este distorsionată, o parte din procesul de comunicare este delegat către proxy cu încredere deplină în realitatea ce va rezulta din această intermediere.

Destructurarea conceptelor de proximitate, identitate, actualitate și reasimilarea lor într-un mod nou poate declanșa transformări fără precedent ale minții pentru a se adapta noii definiții a realității.


Final2 // Vernisaj Foto Desen

Dorin: sry. am intrat în bucătărie să bag la flex și apoi a venit maria etc etc. recuperăm conversația
Dorin: în altă ordine de idei
Dorin: Am pus poza ta alături de un desen and I think they look really really cool together
Dorin: hai să expunem împreună o serie apocaliptică la LH
Octavian: hmmm
Octavian: sounds great!
Octavian: o să-ți zic ceva related cînd mai grăim
Octavian: I wanted to touch on that today
Octavian: :))
Octavian: e funny
Dorin: te sun mîine?
Octavian: Ja