proiect b
- Dorin Cucicov

BIOS - an interactive art exhibition about the anthropocene.

Substantial evidence on human impact hints on the fact that humans are now a force as powerful as nature itself. Ice ages and major extinction events are in the nature of nature.

Considering the Earth’s entire existence as a timescale, humans have been around for 0,00044% of that. And if you want to take into consideration only the existence of life, humans are in this limeline at 0.0057% of the whole existence of life on Earth. By comparison, dinosaurs lived on Earth 833 times as much as humans did.

In this short time, humanity has accumulated power over nature thanks to technological and scientific advances. Through direct as well as indirect ― “butterfly-effect” actions, humanity has exploited this power to it’s benefit, leading to significant interspecies inequalities. Inside humanity as a whole, different social entities are accountable for this situation in a disproportionate manner. It is not human nature to be blamed for the current crisis, rather specific cultural and economic developments that lead to unbalanced distribution of the decision making.

Divergent definitions of progress have been the main driver of change, broadcasted through unequal communication channels to unequal public attention. It is intriguing to speculate what would be this definition if told by a non-human organism or even a new species. What about a symbiotic interspecies relationship?

The power of awareness, technology and immediate action can be steered in exciting but also dangerous directions. Can we use our technological power to harmonize with the analogue nature? What could be the journey of the individual to the collective projection of the future?

BIOS exhibition scrutinizes invisible or ignored human processes that lead to the debate about Anthropocene. Through artistic installations participating artists distill major concepts of the Anthropocene phenomenon and inquire it’s particular aesthetics.

Amural Festival, Brașov, 2020
Galateca gallery, Bucharest, 2020

Artists: Alina Rizescu, Dorin Cucicov, Maria Năstase, Adrian Tăbăcaru, Octavian Albu, Emil Drăgan, Dan Adrian Ionescu, Răzvan Pascu, Sebastian Comănescu, Matei Băcanu, Bogdan Ștefănescu.

photos by Maria Năstase