proiect b
- Dorin Cucicov

Interactive Sentient Machines

Human emotions are considered impossible to simulate digitally and are one of the fewer traits that would ensure that humanity maintains the dominant position over Artificial Intelligence in the future. A considerable amount of human activities and attributes are replaced or assisted by Artificial Intelligence systems, but emotions are not on the list. Yet, with the amount of control humanity is delegating to technology, what would be the effects of allowing digital tools to mediate emotional relationships between humans? Would it be possible to create a sentient machine in the current social context? These questions are brought into discussion along with a practical study. The interactive installations presented in this paper represent the materialization of the current research. They expand on the impact of technological advancement on human emotions and social interactions. Starting with the current and future projected impact of technology and AI on modern societies, a short description of the current situation introduces the subject of machines as a powerful contemporary driving mechanism. With significant influence not only on the utilitarian aspects of human lives, but restlessly penetrating more of our intimate lives, the machines increasingly require a revaluation of their position in the society. Artists are pushing the conventional limits by raising awareness of possible risks but also curiously peeking into future scenarios. The stake is speculating about the cost and profit of human - machine collaboration. I will further argue about the necessity of redefining our relationship with the machines and expand on the impact of technology and specifically AI on human emotions and social interactions. How will machines affect our emotional and social relations? These discussions ultimately open up the debate about sentient machines and how they fit in today's context and social order.

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